How Does a Health Clinic Better Determine Your Deficiencies?
November 11, 2021 at 10:30 PM
A woman providing personal service at a better health clinic.

When you’re feeling tired and unfocused, it’s tough to determine why. Many people blame an unpredictable sleep schedule, not enough sleep, or long hours in front of a computer screen at work. Friends and family might recommend quitting coffee, or sugar, or gluten because that’s what worked for them. But everyone’s physiology is unique, and the reason you’re not feeling 100 percent probably isn’t the same as it is for other people. That’s why personalized diagnostics from holistic physicians make the difference when determining your deficiencies.

Have a thorough consultation with providers who care.

One of the most significant issues in traditional health care is feeling as though you’re rushed or unheard during your appointments. When you bring concerns that aren’t immediately diagnosable, it can be challenging for your primary care physician to offer an adaptable care plan that evolves with your symptoms.

A better health clinic has care providers who take time to know your history, concerns, and what healthy feels like for you. By truly listening to patients, the energy medicine physicians at Better Health & Wellness can provide better care. We’ll determine where the deficiencies in your health lie and offer actionable plans for treating them.

Get a health evaluation with Electrodermal Screening (EDS).

The skin’s meridians are related to the health of both individual organs and a person’s overall wellness. By measuring the electrical conductivity of the skin, EDS lets physicians find the position of the meridians. That positioning will change as a patient moves towards or away from health. Not only does it provide insight into a baseline of wellness, but it allows care providers to check in with the success of a wellness plan.

Through ongoing evaluations, the physicians of a better health clinic will adapt their treatment plan by consulting a database of holistic, herbal, and acupuncture treatments based on the exact position of a patient’s meridians.

Get expert applications of the ZYTO LSA PRO.

The ZYTO LSA PRO is non-invasive scanning technology. A patient rests their hand in a cradle that evaluates their overall wellness and potential deficiencies. The ZYTO LSA PRO reveals things like allergens, toxins, and energy-draining pathogens.

A computer program evaluates the data from the scanner and creates an image. With repeated scans, your care provider at a better health clinic can establish the rhythm of your energy flow and pinpoint potential deficiencies.

The ZYTO LSA PRO provides critical data and insight into your health over time. You get feedback on the impact of a detox and treatment plan.

This is the point of relaxation, the point where you feel great peace.

Build a cooperative partnership with your physician.

Many traditional health providers have too many patients to see in the course of a day. It’s hard for them to know what’s working and what isn’t when creating a treatment plan. Instead, a holistic health clinic offers a better way, with physicians invested in building a cooperative relationship with their patients.

That cooperative relationship focuses on your health and overall wellbeing. At Better Health & Wellness Center, our physicians have over 30 years of experience, skill, and knowledge they devote to helping you understand your physiology and overall deficiencies.

Better Health & Wellness Center uses advanced health clinic services to better determine individual patient physiology.

At Better Health & Wellness Center, we set out to be a better kind of health clinic––one that partners with our patients to learn their concerns and goals for their health. Then, we devote the full range of our diagnostic and treatment services to providing them with high-quality care in Melbourne, FL.

If you’re ready to shed the toxins robbing you of daily energy and vitality, then you can book an appointment with the experienced care providers of our clinic for better health. If you’d like to learn more about our customized approach to holistic health, visit our services page.