3 Factors to Choosing a Holistic Doctor in Melbourne, FL
April 28, 2021 at 9:30 PM
How to find a holistic doctor in Melbourne FL.

Every day, more people grow frustrated with the healthcare system. If you’re injured or need emergency care, the ER is still the best option. But if you’re dealing with chronic illness, or struggling to thrive in your body, then traditional medicine often falls short. It might be time to find a holistic doctor in Melbourne, FL if your primary care physician has dismissed or misdiagnosed your symptoms.

Holistic doctors don’t treat single symptoms but look at your whole body wellness when offering diagnosis and treatments. They’re a partner in your healthcare, offering experienced insight into often undiagnosed maladies and illnesses. When you’re ready to try a better kind of healthcare, keep these three factors in mind when choosing a holistic doctor in Melbourne, FL.

Is the holistic doctor credentialed and experienced?

There is an array of qualifications and credentials that holistic doctors in Melbourne, Florida, can earn. Consider your goals and the alternative therapies you’re interested in exploring when you seek a provider of alternative medicine. The title of holistic practitioner doesn’t describe specific credentials, so you may have to find more information on their website.

  • ND: Naturopathic Doctor: has gone to four years of medical school and can order tests but may not prescribe medicine.
  • TCM: Traditional Chinese Medicine: focuses on achieving balance in the body and primarily treats patients using acupuncture.
  • DOM: Doctor of Oriental Medicine: four years of post-bachelor study in oriental medicine, with two years of didactic and clinical practice.

Once you know a holistic doctor has completed schooling and received a doctorate, it comes down to the treatments they offer and whether you connect with them as a patient.

Do they take time to listen to your concerns and evaluate your health?

Unfortunately, just because someone is a holistic doctor in Melbourne, FL, it doesn’t mean they won’t rush through consultations before prescribing a treatment plan. The value of looking outside Western medicine for healthcare is seeing a practitioner who takes time to understand your whole-body wellness and your concerns.

Find a practitioner who’s experienced with the latest in diagnostic technology and takes the time to evaluate your body for imbalances and toxin or heavy metals buildup. At Better Health & Wellness Center, we have decades of experience in bioenergetic testing and electro-dermal screening to get a complete picture of your current health.

Only after evaluating a patient’s energetic health and balance do we prescribe treatments.

Try to find a physician who’s experienced in your condition.

If you have a diagnosis for your chronic condition, try to find a holistic doctor in Melbourne, FL, who has relevant experience and training. You may find they have unique recommendations and have had prior success treating other patients with similar symptoms.

The practitioners of Better Health and Wellness Center have over 30 years of experience working with the founders of the energetic health movement. We’ve seen most chronic conditions and offer custom approaches to get patients with a wide range of conditions on the path to better health.

Contact Better Health and Wellness Center to work with an experienced holistic doctor in Melbourne, FL.

It’s time to find a holistic doctor in Melbourne, Florida when you’re struggling with a chronic condition or feel generally sluggish and achy in your body. Our team at Better Health and Wellness Center will get you on the path to recovery and whole-body wellness. Our expert physicians take time to work with clients as individuals, screen for imbalances and toxins, and offer customized wellness plans.

If you’re ready to feel better in your body, use our easy online form to schedule a screening or treatment today.