Common Misconceptions about Holistic Healing Centers in Melbourne
October 3, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Common Misconceptions about Holistic Healing Centers in Melbourne

A few things may come to mind when you think about holistic healing centers in Melbourne. You likely think about holistic doctors, the use of all-natural remedies, or even the intrinsic connection between body and spirit. While these can all be considered parts of the puzzle, holistic centers and medicine involve much more.

People who practice holistic medicine or are involved in the field are used to dealing with skepticism in their field. Below, we’ll explain a few common misconceptions about holistic medicine and healing centers in Melbourne.

1. Misconception: Holistic practices disregard modern medicine.

People who aren’t familiar with holistic medicine may believe that holistic medical professionals only use all-natural resources and remedies when treating patients. But holistic medicine actually incorporates both conventional and alternative therapies to treat a range of issues, prevent disease, and heal patients.

Holistic treatments are safe and involve an analysis of the patient’s health in addition to their nutritional, environmental, spiritual, emotional, and lifestyle practices.

2. Misconception: Anyone can become a holistic doctor.

Becoming a holistic doctor is not as easy as taking a certification course online. Like any other job in the medical field, holistic medical professionals are required to have extensive schooling and training. They study biochemistry, pharmacology, anatomy, and pathology. Doctors who choose to follow a holistic path also have to learn about counseling, botanical medicine, nutrition, and more.

3. Misconception: Holistic medicine doesn’t work and can’t treat disease.

Traditional medicine involves treating a patient’s symptoms before taking further steps to solve a problem. At holistic centers like Better Health and Wellness, our goal is to get to the root of the medical problem and find out what causes the symptoms from the very start.

Rather than prescribing a few pills, a holistic doctor will consider other factors that could be causing it in your life — from stress and anxiety to nutrition. Holistic doctors look for underlying causes of a problem rather than simply treating a patient’s symptoms.

4. Misconception: Holistic medicine isn’t affordable.

Just like traditional medicine, the cost to visit and seek treatment from a holistic doctor will vary depending on your condition and the practitioner. But as a whole, holistic medicine is cost-effective. That’s because it focuses on the root cause of the problem rather than the symptoms. You will likely require fewer visits than with conventional medicine.

5. Misconception: Holistic medicine requires a drastic life change.

While lifestyle and dietary counseling play a large role in holistic medicine, you don’t have to make drastic lifestyle changes right away. The best way to look at things, regardless of traditional or holistic medicine, is that doing a little can go a long way. Take the first step towards improving and maintaining your health, and you will discover that you can make any changes that you want to.

Work with a holistic doctor in Melbourne, FL.

Better Health and Wellness has an experienced team of holistic doctors that can help you achieve overall health and wellness. Here, we focus on treating each patient as a person that has unique characteristics. This is what informs our custom treatment plans.

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