What Can You Treat With EB-PRO Ion Therapy Foot Baths?
March 25, 2022 at 11:30 PM
Image of a person enjoying an EB-PRO ion therapy foot bath.

When you become more conscientious about your health and overall wellness, you start to hear more about the importance of detoxifying your body’s systems. Toxins can come from your environment–such as at home or work–or your food and the products you use. As toxins accumulate in your body’s systems, they stop functioning optimally. Detoxification can boost your energy level, improve your sleep pattern, and improve overall health. An EB-PRO ion therapy foot bath can detoxify your body and treat various conditions.

Does detoxifying through your feet work?

Foot baths have a long history in cultures worldwide, as being beneficial for your overall health and wellness. There are thousands of sweat glands and pores in your feet, making them ideal for removing toxins from your body.

Even simple foot baths used by ancient cultures showed health benefits, but technology has continued to improve through the centuries. Incorporating ionized water into the footbath makes the detoxifying process faster and more effective.

How does an EB-PRO ion therapy foot bath work?

The EB-PRO foot bath uses electrodes to create an ionic field in the water where patients place their feet. The warm water encourages pores to open and sweat, releasing toxins held in the body. The ionic field transfers to the body, balancing the pH level and optimizing the detoxification.

The EB-PRO combines the long-standing benefits of foot detoxification with the modern use of electrical fields to optimize detoxification benefits.

What happens during an ion foot bath appointment?

During a thirty-minute appointment with Better Health and Wellness, patients place their feet into a warm bath of salted water with electrodes. You can simply sit back and relax while the ionic field works and the pores of your feet release the toxins.

You may notice the water changing colors and debris collecting in the bath as your body releases the toxins it’s been holding.

  • Yellow-green water: detoxifying from the kidney, bladder, and prostate
  • Blue: detoxifying from the kidneys or releasing chlorine and acidity from the body
  • Orange: detoxifying from joints
  • Brown: detoxification from the liver, removing of tobacco and cellular debris
  • Dark green: gallbladder detoxification
  • White foam: releasing toxins from the lymphatic system
  • White, cheese-like residue: releasing accumulated yeast from the body
  • Black flecks: heavy metal released from the body
  • Red flecks: blood clot material removed from the body

Even during the appointment, you may experience more energy, improved emotional state, and mental clarity.

What conditions does foot detoxification treat?

The main benefit of an EB-PRO ion therapy foot bath is eliminating free toxins in the body. Detoxification benefits every aspect of your overall well-being. It supports a body in pH balance where it’s more difficult for toxins to accumulate.

Patients at Better Health and Wellness have reported improvement in chronic pain, reducing allergies, and an accelerated healing process after injury or illness.

EB-PRO ion therapy foot bath isn’t a cure for illness. Still, it supports your body’s natural ability to heal and thrive when free from damaging toxins.

Better Health and Wellness provides Melbourne and Tampa with EB-PRO Ion Foot Bath therapy and more.

We’re a team of holistic health practitioners who work with patients to develop holistic wellness strategies to improve overall health and treat particular conditions. Our patients are often those individuals who feel run down and depleted without finding a specific cause. Your energetic health is an essential aspect of feeling your best self from day to day. The team at Better Health and Wellness helps patients eliminate the accumulated toxins in their bodies to feel their best.

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