A beginner’s guide to EDS 2000 electrodermal screening
May 30, 2021 at 7:00 AM
A woman holding a nother woman's arm. Both are dressed in white, and both have their eyes closed. An example of preparation for EDS 2000 electrodermal screening.

In your body, everything’s connected. Failing to recognize, account for, and measure the flow of energy in your body is self-negligence. That’s why EDS 2000 electrodermal screening is so essential. Oftentimes, Western medicine fails where alternative practices succeed, and vice versa. EDS conflates the best of both worlds for a holistic, effective diagnostic treatment. For those wondering where to start, Better Health and Wellness Center is your premier solution. With over 30 years of industry experience and training under the industry’s leading innovators, our tailored services are unrivaled.

Here’s a beginner’s guide to EDS:

What is it?

EDS 2000 electrodermal screening is a diagnostic discipline. It involves measuring the skin’s electrical resistance to identify energy imbalances via acupuncture points (Meridians).

Developed in Europe during the 1950s, EDS was pioneered in Germany. Its foundational premise is that there is a direct correlation between the skin’s electrical current and the overall health of internal organs.

Through the application of electrical signals, you can diagnose and treat health conditions. EDS is a generational and cultural bridge that synthesizes the best aspects of traditional acupuncture and Western medicine.

As a systematic solution, EDS requires years of extensive experience and premier tutelage to effectively apply. Luckily, with Better Health, we have experience in abundance and have trained under the industry’s leading pioneers.

How does it work?

EDS 2000 electrodermal screening involves measuring electrical conductivity along the body’s meridians. During screenings, patients hold a probe in one hand while a second probe sends a harmless electrical current through their body and the circuit.

These meridians and readings are connected to bodily systems. After evaluating the results, the condition of any bodily system can be measured. When imbalances are discovered, we find precise frequencies that enable us to deduce what disrupted your body’s equilibrium.

After detecting imbalances, we scour our database for specific homeopathic, herbal, and nutritional products and practices to prescribe. This procedure is often unfamiliar. However, at Better Health, we tailor solutions and ensure you’re comfortable with every aspect of treatment.

Why use EDS?

Among the greatest benefits of EDS 2000 electrodermal screening is it’s an effective, non-invasive method to assess your overall health. It’s not a physical or chemical procedure.

This painless evaluation culls vital data and enables practitioners to apply treatments and plans to restore necessary balances in your body, and in turn, restore your health. This screening is particularly preferred because:

  • We can test for environmental toxins
  • We can test for toxicity in connective tissue
  • We can improve immune systems using nutritional evaluations
  • We provide complementary treatments to reinstate bodily balance
  • It requires no scratch testing or injections.
  • We can identify dental stressors that contribute to failing health

Even better, this is a quick process. Testing can be completed in just 3 minutes and can be performed anywhere. More importantly, it has a broad scope of applications.

Research suggests EDS can even be used to diagnose and manage the health of those struggling with asthma. Studies even suggest EDS can be used to detect mental health illnesses like depression and other mood disorders.

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If you’re interested in a comprehensive health evaluation that’s not invasive and takes into account vital wellness elements conventional medicine fails to consider, EDS 2000 electrodermal screening is your best option! Luckily, at Better Health and Wellness Center, we’ve been supplying custom solutions to Tampa and Melbourne for years. With 30 years of unrivaled experience, there’s no better way to obtain a clear overview of your health. Contact us now for a consultation! We understand that harmony in your life requires harmony in your body.