3 fun facts about functional medicine in Melbourne, FL
May 30, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Increasingly small rocks stacked on top of each other on a cloudy day in the middle of a pond. This is an excellent illustration of the value of functional medicine in Melbourne, FL.

As a culture, we have a binary perception of medicine. It’s either traditional and effective or foreign and unreliable. Failing to recognize the nuances of treatment means failing to optimize your health. Caught in the seam of this misapprehension is functional medicine in Melbourne, FL. If you’re interested in suturing the gaps conventional medicine leaves gaping, Better Health Wellness Center is your premier solution. With over 30 years of industry experience and training under veritable industry pioneers, we provide the best tailored functional medicine solutions.

Here are 3 fun facts about functional medicine:

1. It’s personalized

When considering functional medicine in Melbourne, FL, a key distinction is that it treats each person as genetically and biochemically individual.

A major benefit of this approach is it enables practitioners to provide patients with personalized approaches. There are few cookie-cutter health solutions. Functional medicine focuses on treating you and not just your condition.

By taking a holistic approach, functional medicine optimizes your entire body’s performance to optimize your health. By focusing on every aspect of your body’s functionality, it enables practitioners to enhance healing mechanisms, which combats all ailments.

The autonomy this personalized methodology affords empowers patients and puts them in control of their health. By implementing custom plans, patients have more control over their health than ever before.

At Better Health Wellness Center, we provide custom solutions and understand that truly rehabilitating health requires putting each patient back in the driver’s seat.

2. It’s the best of both worlds

The conventional healthcare system simply doesn’t account for everything your body needs to optimize its health. A holistic approach is crucial because it acknowledges how interdependent every system in your body truly is.

For example, a strong correlation exists between your diet and health. However, many conventional medical professionals fail to capitalize on these solutions. They’re often inadequately trained to provide reliable nutritional counsel and guidance.

Functional medicine in Melbourne, FL enables doctors to take non-invasive, personalized holistic approaches that also utilize cutting-edge technology. As a cultural bridge, it’s the best of both worlds.

More importantly, it requires practitioners to spend ample time getting to know patients to understand what habits or lifestyle choices are impairing their health. You’re not just a number or another patient. We forge genuine partnerships.

The traditional Western medical system gets overloaded. Doctors don’t have time to see everyone, and when they do, there are often time constraints. The nature of functional medicine ensures every client gets the time and attention they need and deserve.

At Better Health Wellness Center, we conflate the best aspects of alternative and conventional medicine to provide an unrivaled, effective holistic service.

3. It’s affordable

A major appeal of functional medicine in Melbourne, FL is it’s an affordable approach that saves dividends down the road.

By optimizing your lifestyle, you optimize your health. This means far fewer doctor’s appointments and minimal medical expenses. For example, if you’re overweight, you’re automatically susceptible to many diseases that cause medical expenses to skyrocket.

By recalibrating your lifestyle, you save a fortune on current and future medical costs. More importantly, many functional medicine practices are non-invasive and significantly less expensive than traditional practices.

From diagnostics to treatments, functional medicine is a great and affordable alternative to lead a healthier life and reduce unnecessary and debilitating medical expenses.

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If you’re interested in functional medicine in Melbourne, FL as an essential approach to address areas conventional medicine neglects, Better Health Wellness Center is your best option. With over 30 years of industry experience and invaluable training under industry pioneers, we offer unparalleled custom functional medicine treatments and services. Contact us now for a consultation!