Why Start Holistic Treatment with Electrodermal Screening
May 19, 2022 at 11:30 PM
Image of someone preparing a client for electrodermal screening.

Many chronic conditions and ongoing ailments aren’t resolved with traditional medicine alone. Sometimes, holistic health care can improve the persistent symptoms of those coping with chronic pain, migraines, insomnia, or fatigue. Most people are familiar with mainstream treatments, such as acupuncture and detoxification. Less well-known is electrodermal screening, or EDS. By starting a holistic treatment plan with electrodermal screening, you get certainty that a care provider’s treatment plan will target the correct areas of your body.

What is electrodermal screening?

EDS is a non-invasive process that gives a holistic care provider insight into the functioning of a body’s systems. At Better Health and Wellness, we use the EDS 2000, which measures the flow of energy in the body through the skin.

EDS doesn’t provide medical diagnoses. Instead, it gives holistic care providers information about the functioning of a body’s individual systems and as a whole.

The balance of the body and its symptoms can be evaluated at energetic meridians in the hands and feet. When a meridian is out of balance, a physician makes a note and targets that area for treatment.

What happens during the screening?

EDS 2000 is a non-invasive process. A client holds a probe in one hand while a holistic physician runs a harmless current of electricity through the body using a second probe. The EDS measures the resistance in the skin, showing where energy flow may be out of balance.

The EDS 2000 indicates the meridians that are out of balance. Then a physician searches for the right frequency to identify the coordinating system in the body.

How does electrodermal screening affect a treatment plan?

Examining the data provided during the screening, a physician can identify the exact systems out of balance in the body. During a typical acupuncture session, an acupuncturist inserts needles into the body based on the symptoms and conditions of the client.

However, with many generalized symptoms, such as fatigue, migraines, and chronic pain, it can be tough to pinpoint where to address treatment.

Knowing exactly which of the body’s systems are out of balance allows a care provider to target specific areas of the body to bring back into alignment to improve the flow of energy through the body. There’s no guesswork, only treatments optimized with the information from EDS.

During treatment, electrodermal screening gives physicians important information about the efficacy of the treatment course. It allows them to readjust based on the adjusted energy flow.

What do holistic treatments usually comprise?

At Better Health and Wellness, we offer a range of holistic wellness treatments to improve the flow of energy in the body and offer relief from symptoms of chronic conditions.

  • Acupuncture: we stimulate the body’s nervous system to activate natural healing processes
  • Infrared sauna: deep penetrating heat to improve circulation, detoxify, and boost the body’s immune system
  • Lymphatic drainage: rebalances the electromagnetic field of cells for dramatic detoxification
  • Foot detoxification: balances the body’s pH level and increases electromagnetic energy

Eliminating toxins in the body, clearing paths for energetic flow, and bringing the body into balance can relieve many chronic conditions, including pain, migraines, fatigue, digestive issues, and more.

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