What to Tell Your Holistic Doctor During Your First Appointment
June 27, 2022 at 6:00 AM
Holistic doctor in Tampa meeting with a patient

There are countless reasons why someone may want to transition from conventional medicine to holistic healthcare. Whether you are looking for a natural alternative to your current prescription, or you are interested in a more comprehensive approach to your mental and physical health, meeting with a holistic doctor may be the key to improving your overall quality of life.

If you are meeting with a holistic doctor for the first time, preparing a few pieces of information in advance will undoubtedly help you get the most out of your consultation. The better your provider understands your health status and areas of concern, the easier it is for them to offer the right care.

At Better Health & Wellness Center, we are a team of top-rated holistic doctors in Tampa and Melbourne, FL. Below we have listed a few things that you should discuss with your holistic doctor during an initial consultation.

Existing health conditions

During your first appointment with a holistic doctor, it is important to go over any existing health conditions. Discussing ongoing ailments and how they are currently being managed will give your doctor the information they need to help you explore alternative treatment options. From dietary changes to herbal remedies, there are many forms of care that are uncommon in conventional medicine. If you are experiencing any other health problems that have not yet been diagnosed, this is also important to highlight during your first appointment.


Holistic healthcare professionals rely on a wide range of naturally occurring remedies such as herbs, extracts, and dietary supplements. If you have never visited a holistic doctor before, this may be your first time coming into contact with certain ingredients. Therefore, it is important to discuss any allergies or food sensitivities that you are aware of so that your provider knows what methods not to use. If you are unclear on whether or not you have any allergies, innovations in holistic healthcare such as electro-dermal screening could be used to identify minor allergic reactions or toxins in the body.

Lifestyle factors

Patients often underestimate how certain lifestyle factors affect their overall health. Habits such as smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol on a regular basis, or maintaining a diet full of processed foods are all subjects that should be touched on during your initial consultation. Holistic doctors work largely with lifestyle factors such as these to help patients overcome certain health issues. Unlike conventional Western medicine, which often takes a reactionary approach to healthcare by prescribing pharmaceutical drugs or other treatments, holistic doctors take a more proactive approach by helping patients avoid potential ailments.

Holistic treatment history

If you have worked with a holistic doctor before, it is useful for your new provider to know which treatments you have tried to address various health concerns. Whether you have experimented with infrared saunas, acupuncture, or herbal remedies, it is well worth mentioning this during your appointment so that you can avoid revisiting health services that did not work for you.


The beauty of holistic healthcare is that it is not only a method to treat patients, but it takes a much more in-depth look at your overall well-being. At Better Health & Wellness Center, we offer a range of services that work to uncover energetic imbalances and toxins in the body that you may have been living with for years. If you have specific goals in mind such as weight loss, regaining energy, or overcoming chronic pain, bring these points up to your holistic doctor so they can help you discover unique solutions that you may not have tried before.

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