Why your wellness journey should start with electro-dermal screening
August 6, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Why your wellness journey should start with electro-dermal screening

It’s well understood that our bodies have a high amount of electrical activity in them. This is the result of nerve actions as well as the universal energy that flows through our bodies. By using electro-dermal screening, we can help to identify imbalances in your body. Read our guide to see why our team at Better Health Wellness Center will start your wellness journey with electro-dermal screening, or EDS.

What is EDS?

With the help of EDS technology, we can scan the acupuncture points and their meridians in your hands and feet to identify electrical conductivity. It’s been shown that the conductivity in these points is related to the function and health of your body’s organ systems.

How EDS works

An EDS screening is performed by putting one probe in the hand of the person being scanned while a second touches various parts of the body. The probe will send a tiny electrical pulse into the body that is so small you won’t notice it. As the electrical current flows through your body to the other probe, the returning current will send a readout of corresponding frequencies to a computer. The entire process takes about three minutes to complete and will give you the results of the reading. Overall, it’s a non-invasive method to gaining insight into your body’s vital functions while finding the best natural methods to bring it back into balance.

What we learn can from EDS

With the help of an electro-dermal screening, you can learn what kinds of toxins are in your body and what levels they are at. When you know what’s causing your body to be out of balance, it’s much easier to find an appropriate remedy. We’ll reference a vast database decipher what each frequency means then provide you with advice regarding herbal supplements and techniques that can help to restore your body’s balance. You’ll find that when your body is in balance, you have more positive thoughts, more energy, and feel better overall. With the help of an electro-dermal screening, you can help you to reach these points of balance.

How EDS can benefit you

By using EDS, it gives us a clear path to optimizing your holistic therapy. Rather than grabbing a handful of supplements and saying, this helps with this and that helps with that, we know exactly what types of herbs will combat the toxins that are keeping your body out of balance. It also paints a clear picture of how you can benefit from other treatments like acupuncture or time in an infrared sauna. We’ll help to outline your holistic therapy to maximize the benefits of taking herbal supplements as well as supportive therapies. EDS is just the first step in creating a comprehensive plan to help you manage conditions like stress, anxiety, arthritis, depression, and more.

Schedule your EDS

To learn more about the process of electro-dermal screening and how you can benefit, please get in touch with us at Better Health Wellness Center. We love helping others find an alternative solution to medicine that will provide a clear path to balance and wellness in life. Schedule your EDS by calling 321-259-8250 or send a message using our contact form. We look forward to working with you can learning with you the best ways to restore balance in your life.